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Bukit Batok Nature Park Singapore

Dear readers,

The first park I have visited since the circuit breaker ended. It was a spontaneous trip with my colleague and we need to take a breather once on awhile. The trip almost canceled because it was drizzling around seven in the morning but oh well, the weather was mocking with us. It stopped when we decided to go in the evening instead. We ended up going to the park in the morning. The trip took us about an hour via buses.  The park was not crowded on the weekdays.

The nature park comprises of wonderful scenic pond, a playground, and a toilet facility. Not to mention, a memorial plaque situated within the park to pay attribute to Japanese soldiers and victims of World War 2.


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WhatsApp Image 2020-08-12 at 11.41.52


There is a footpath that leads to the look-out points that are ten stories high. The view of the quarry was stunning but please be mindful when running during rainy season because there is no handler along the footpath. However, the natural uphill pathway would be a good challenge for the runners.

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There are squirrels, turtles in the ponds, birds (white crested laughing thrush and sunbirds , and roosters wondering within the greenery. They are quite people-friendly (as in they will not run away when they sense people coming). We have not encountered monkeys so far (probably we have no food with us).

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It happened to be raining that day and we just stopped by the shelters along the trails which are quite convenient during bad weather. Along the footpath filled with greenery, this park is perfect for strolling, running, or meditation. I have seen a few couples of elderly meditate nearby the pond. Some of them did Tai Chi.

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Overall, the natural park is well-maintained and the varies routes would lead back to the main entrance that prevent people getting lost.  I would definitely go to this park again when the weather is bright and sunny. Thanks to Bernard, the most talkative colleague yet the only companion I hang out with for taking such amazing photos. Kudos!


Self-care tip

Try to soak feet in lukewarm water with salt after strenuous exercise. Your feet deserve a little pamper!


Have a lovely day!


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