Simplicity is Worthy

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Homemade Chinese Dumpling

I stumble upon another simple recipe that even a beginner like you and me could do! It requires four main ingredients and the rest of the ingredients I am sure you have them in your kitchen. So, without further ado, Serving Time: 30 mins A single serving (estimated 12-15 pieces), adjust them according to your […]

Mini Pizza Bread

Hi guys! I pondered upon some random videos about preparing a quick simple pizza using the lazy way. If you have bread, eggs, and cheese in your fridge, this recipe would be perfect for you! The taste was amazing and most importantly, you can decorate your mini pizza whatever ingredients you want and it does […]

Savory Mini Pancakes

Hello friends, This time I would make my childhood pancake. I remember an old lady sells these sweet and savory pancakes at a night market every Sunday nearby my home. The texture of these delicious pancakes is a bit chewy and perfect for snack or light dinner! Hence, I attempted to make the pancake into […]

Creamy Tomato Scrambled Egg Pasta

Tomato scrambled egg noodle is one of my mum’s recipes. She used “Mee Suah”, thinly sliced salted noodle made of wheat flour and it tasted surprisingly good! However, I’m not fond of the texture of the noodle so, I came out with an idea of using spaghetti pasta. Some may think egg with pasta may […]