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Japanese minimalism : What’s so interesting about it?

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This book described the life transformation of the author’s maximalist lifestyle, an unhealthy perception toward possessions to a minimalist lifestyle. Fumio Sasaki is a normal person just like us having a hard time dealing with his life, relationship, and career. He explored ways of getting rids of unnecessary possession that does not provide real happiness. He described the changes and benefits he gained throughout the journey of becoming minimalist. An excellent example of minimalists mentioned in the book such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Job as well as Japanese minimalists such as Hiji (a hardcore minimalist), Ofumi (a couple living minimalist lifestyle), Yamasan (a minimalist family life) and, Kouta (a minimalist globetrotter). I stumbled on this book on a sustainability lifestyle blog when I first discovered minimalism. it becomes a norm that minimalism is about owning less possession to find true values that lead to happiness. Hence, I intend to share spectacular perspectives about minimalism pointed out by the author.

Surprising ideas conveyed by Fumio Sasaki 

Ohyama a.k. an Airy mattress. 

It’s a popular thing to have for Japanese minimalist. It functions as both a bed mattress and a sofa.

Everyone started as a minimalist.

They are not born with possession. I am sure you do not hope to see babies holding objects greeting you once they were delivered. Right?

Japanese culture used to be a minimalist culture. 

A tea ceremony in Japan has certain elements of minimalism. During the old days, the place was simple and the entrance was small. Samurais are not allowed to carry a sword with them when attending the ceremony. It was mainly to enjoy tea and have a chat.

tea ceremony
Roméo A, Unsplash

A minimalist lifestyle allows you to learn gratitude. Appreciate little moments and things including foods!

Many would think premium desserts taste better because of the expensive ingredients used. Who would have known when you do not have many choices at hand. Simple chocolate snacks such as Chipsmore or Munchy’s crackers would bring inner joy too! I love every bite of my food, keeping aware of how precious they become.

The cause of the serenity of a hotel room is not because of how luxurious the hotel is. It is due to the element of minimalism. 

Necessities such as beds, bathrooms, and wardrobe, were provided in a hotel to meet the needs of the customers. At the same time, it helps us to de-clutter our minds.


It consists of three meanings, “Refuse”, “Dispose of”, and “Separate”


According to Francis Jay of missminimalist,

Refuse involves preventing the inflow of possession in life

Dispose of means elimination of possession from life.

Separate includes non-attachment to possessions.

In the end, the ultimate goal of Danshari focuses on balance in life.


The development of technology becomes more significant in our life especially minimalists.

No matter how vigorously a minimalist may throw away their possessions, their smartphones are often one of the last items to go.   Fumio Sasaki, Goodbye Things

A picture of Hiji wearing a visual head-mounted viewer without owning a TV and the fact that, the elements of minimalism in Apple’s products are well received by the majority of minimalist.

Self-worth drives our behavior.

 It is common to seek belongings to communicate our personality and values. The complication takes place when the number of quantity things we own represents who we are.

Stores as our warehouses and the city as our floor plan. 

I love this idea. This belief makes us think twice before making random purchases. 

There are limits to the capacity of our brain, energy, and time.

Other than reducing our possession, ‘be in present’ which means not using psychological times (past or future) could free our mind and function effectively. Most of self-development blogs and books I have read highlighted the importance of being present.

The idea of capturing things that hard to be apart of in digital format.

It helps in the de-cluttering process. The drawback of this idea is the insecurity and the complexity of having information kept digitally when things went wrong. 


 “If you can’t remember how many presents you give, don’t bother to worry about the gifts you have gotten” Fumio Sasaki, Goodbye Things

It makes sense. Many of us do not remember how many presents we gave, to be honest

Be social, be a borrower – instead of self-reliance.

A mild connection between people could trigger meaningful interaction in some way.

Visual noise like colors and designs. I am not an art person so, I found this idea to be fascinating.


For those, who just started on the journey toward being a minimalist like me, please do get this book. It has inspired me to adopt minimalism. It’s simple to read and presented 55 tips to helps you in de-cluttering your home and extra 15 tips after advancing to your minimalist journey! 🙂 

I hope you enjoy it and have a nice day!

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