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Mini Pizza Bread

Hi guys!

I pondered upon some random videos about preparing a quick simple pizza using the lazy way. If you have bread, eggs, and cheese in your fridge, this recipe would be perfect for you! The taste was amazing and most importantly, you can decorate your mini pizza whatever ingredients you want and it does not take long. I had made this a few times and its taste get better over time once you get used to it. 

Serving time: 20 mins


2 slices of bread (any kind)

1 large egg

Tomato paste

Few slices of cheddar cheese /Mozerella cheese

Carrots/hams (depends on you)


  1. Chop the bread into small square pieces
  2. Slice carrots or hams or both (in my case, I only use carrots) and stir fry them.
  3. Toast the bread using the pan and put them aside
  4. Place oil in the pan 
  5. Place the bread and align them into a circle
  6. Place the egg (make sure the egg covers the bread because it attaches the pieces).
  7. Place the carrots or hams/(both) and the cheese or any ingredients you prefer
  8. Cover the pan with a lid for 5 minutes
  9. Serve it while still hot


Hope you enjoy!


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