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Savory Mini Pancakes

Hello friends,

This time I would make my childhood pancake. I remember an old lady sells these sweet and savory pancakes at a night market every Sunday nearby my home. The texture of these delicious pancakes is a bit chewy and perfect for snack or light dinner! Hence, I attempted to make the pancake into a smaller version for my snack lunch. So, if you guys are craving for some Asian style pancakes, you could give this a try! 

Serving Time : 20 minutes

Single serving


A handful of dried salted shrimps

A carrot

A stalked of green onions

½ cup of multipurpose flour 

1/2 teaspoons of sugar 

Vegetable oil


  1. Soak dried salted shrimp into a bowl (Keep the water, will use it later)
  2. Chop dried salted shrimp, carrot, and green onions into small pieces
  3. Mix ½ cup of multipurpose flour and soaked water into a big bowl
  4. Add all the chopped ingredients into the mixture
  5. Mix them and add half teaspoons of sugar
  6. Fry them into small pancakes
  7. Serve them


Hope you guys enjoy!


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